Fall Styling and a new piece for the kitchen

It’s not too late to spruce up your home for the fall season and Thanksgiving holidays coming up! 
Can you believe it’s right around the corner?
I ran across this gorgeous porch for your Wednesday inspiration! 
I love the purple and green with the corn stalks!
I also loved this little green and white fall tableau….super sweet for an entry table or dining centerpiece.

And if you’re like me and have plenty of dried hydrangea around, try sticking them in a footed bowl with plenty of feathers and acorns. Tuck a few leaves and acorns around the bottom and ta-da! You’ve got a fun, woodsy arrangement!

On a different note, Santa came a little early for the Griffins. I spotted this amazing piece at our local Lakeview Interiors antique mall and could just feel the potential. The paint colors and odd appliques on the door had to go. Immediately.
And the paper eyelet border affixed to the shelves? DIY gone wrong.
I knew the piece was super old, and man, could it hold a lot of stuff.
The price was crazy good, so Santa made an early delivery to us!

And here’s the AFTER!!!!!
The wood is definitely pine. There’s a touch of tongue and groove on the sides and in the back, so that’s super fun too. The paint has seeped into the grain over the years and I love it.
Once those weird appliques came off, the front looks super chic!

It fits perfectly on the wall in our kitchen and gives me maja room to hold more entertaining pieces.

How lovely is this hardware? I just think its fabo!

I showed this piece to our painter, and he knew just the look I was going for! 
I think they did a super job!
If you’re interested, this piece is at the Athens Antique Mall.