E-design client

My bff Christen desired an updated bedroom on a maja budget. In comes: ME! Super decorator!
Haha, not quite….
But, I did come up with some easy updates for her bedroom. 
We basically planned it via email and text message…she’s a busy custom clothier in D.C. and I am a busy designer in GA. 
Our starting point was an Eastern-inspired screen which serves as her headboard. I recommended painting it Benjamin Moore’s Palm Coast Teal. 
Next on the list, we needed a night stand, a fabo lamp, a few toss pillows (easy since her bedding was already mostly white) and a globally inspired look brought in by a gorgeous Suzani spread at the foot of her bed. Christen loved both options, but chose Option I. 
The campaign style nightstand is super chic and I love the touch of metallic brought in with the mercury lamp.
She had a corner that needed some color, so I suggested a few neatly hung gold frames with simple watercolors in them. Since she loves all things fashion, I stuck a few paintings in the mail of fabulous jewelry done by yours truly. They brought in color without too much attention.
Next up, her living and dining space. I can’t wait to share the plan for that space too and the Before & After shots! Quite a transformation!