Christmas Storage – My Christmas Closet

I decorated our home for Christmas pretty early – about mid-November. When we arrived home after a 2 week vacay for Christmas, I left it all up for another week or so. Then I got really sick of it and was begging for my house back. It. took. forever. to get it all gathered up and ready to store again. I had my sweet hub’s help, but I just kept finding things I’d sat on a surface here, a shelf there. So now, officially, on February 1st, I have put away all of my holiday decor.
 Organizing it all into a closet under our basement stairs was perhaps more fun than anything for this Martha-wannabe. I got in there with my hammer and nails so I could hang all of my wreaths and garlands and not smush them into bags or boxes. But, perhaps I should cool it next year with the wreath making. I seem to have made more than I really realized. 😉

It is nice to have all of my ornaments in one place, safely packed away. Our tree lights are hanging neatly for easy access as are my various banners and garlands.

It really does feel good to have it all organized and clean and accessible. However, next year, I will have a 7 month old so we’ll see how much of this stuff I drag out and how neatly I put it all back. 🙂 

Pinterest has some inspiring images of other Christmas closets.
These make me so happy! 
Now, on to Valentine’s Day! 
Do you decorate for it?