A Bright, White, Modern Farmhouse

When this client first contacted me, she was mid-way through the building process. That crucial time where decisions are flying at the homeowner and need to be made on a daily basis. The couple building the home was looking forward to having the house completed. But my client needed to run her ideas by me just to be safe. She had the coolest vision for the whole project, and all she needed to know from me was if all these fun elements were going to work. I loved everything she had picked out thus far, and we chose lots of important elements together.
Next, onto the fun part: Interiors. 🙂
She and I had a ball creating a lofty, soft, modern farmhouse for her family. Using a palette of white, gold, a touch of black, and a sprinkle of powder blue, we used lots of texture for warmth. I love the way her vision and my advice came together to create such a beautiful home for them. Hope you guys enjoy a peek into this great home!
Ps. Many high-fives to Reed Brothers builders for the excellent construction!