An umbrella stand and a new light

After we moved into our house over the summer, I realized something had really been missing from my life – an umbrella stand.
That’s a little dramatic, I know; but once I started seeing them everywhere, I couldn’t let it go!
Here are a few of my fave ones from Pinterest:

I had in mind what I was looking for, it just took a minute to find it. And then, on our road trip to Richmond, VA, my bff James and I spotted it.
A square, white ceramic, faux bamboo umbrella holder. 
I was so excited! 
I think I had it at the register in under a minute!
Of course, in this pic, it’s by my front door – but, surprise! – it’s moved to by the bamboo settee I recently got back from the caning repair shop. More on that later.

It was just too cute to leave behind!

On another “new addition” note, have I shown you this piece of gorgeousness in our stairwell? It’s been hanging here all summer and fall, but I am not sure I gave it enough blog attention. 
When we bought the house, a glorious large brass lantern was hanging here. A replacement was necessary.
So, my friends at Currey and Company had just the thing. As a matter of fact, they always do. Just normally my wallet tells me “no”. 
I managed to find enough pennies to squeeze this beaut into my budget and viola! Here she is!
I just loved that it looked old, but wasn’t. And it’s super light too – not too heavy for me to carry.

Hope y’all are having a nice Monday so far!