A turquoise chest and a new mantel

About a month ago, David and I spent an afternoon rummaging through storage units while we were at home one weekend. I’m so thankful that my mom and aunts have kept things from my great-grandparent’s and grandparents’ homes. I also kinda like that I see possibilities when most everyone else would think it was junk. Boy, do I get a “high” when my creative wheels start turning! 
Later that weekend, David and I came home with my SUV packed to the brim…a secretary, two end tables, a desk chair, and two chests. 
My parents had a chest in their attic for a while now, and I loved that it came from them, and also needed just a little TLC.
When deciding on what color to paint it, I kept being pulled toward shades of blue…mostly aquas and turquoise. 
Here are a few Pins that really got me excited!
I love this chest paired with the yellow chair and that fabulous mirror. It’s a great piece in this entryway.

This image never ceases to make me happy!
The simple bedside table styling, the navy walls, and that great pop of turquoise is too fun!

This picture spoke to me for a few reasons. I love the chest with the modern art hanging above it, that cobalt blue lamp is incredible, and the kitty looks like our Sandy!

The super simple gray distressed chest looks fabo under the modern art piece here.

Don’t things just make the biggest impact en masse? I loved the statement of the traditional chest, the jar collection, and the mod art.

I’m not sure if this is an Ikea hack, or the real deal….either way, the vignette is great.

I have loved this image for so long. That electric turquoise looks divine against a white wall and over those ebonized floors. 

This amazing piece of art was a house warming gift from an uber talented friend!
Renee is a very good friend of mine, and a fantastic artist to boot! 

The colors are gorgeous! 

I will post more pictures of the chest’s “after” tomorrow!

But first, our new mantel in the living room!
I love to include the waaaaay before…it’s come a long way, right?

After we moved in
And now!

I just fell in love with the mantel when I found it at a local antiques shop.
Only the top piece was available (the large horizontal part minus the legs), but I knew that I could have superman Arturo make the legs for me! He did a great job!
When I bought the mantel, it was flaking a old layer of paint, so now, after sanding and a few coats of Decorator’s White, it’s right at home here.

I really loved the carving. It was something unique from other mantels I’d been seeing, and that little leaping deer in the middle was just too cute.

I will have more pics tomorrow of the new old turquoise chest!