A Traditional Christmas Table

Hey blogger friends! Did you all see the darling post by my BFFFFF James? Check it out here! Didn’t want you guys to miss it! He’s the best! 
Like I told you all yesterday, we recently got around to hanging the new drapes I had made for our dining room. I think they make the biggest difference, without distracting from the pretty view.
Here’s the BEFORE:
Fresh flowers, a set table, and candlelight

I’m still pretty ga-ga over our linen slip-covered chairs with the pretty monogram – my Christmas gift last year from my sweetie. 🙂
The chandelier came from my grandparents’ home, the table belonged to my husband’s great-grandmother, and the pine armoire was my in-laws’. 

I used magnolia leaf place mats with a large blue and white plate underneath my grandmother’s traditional Christmas china. I love the octagonal shape of the plates. 
The casual red napkins are my husband’s grandmother’s, and we use them all the time! I imagined a laid-back Christmas morning when setting this table – complete with a sweet tea cup, a water glass, and a Murano glass goblet for a more {fun} beverage. 🙂 

Surrounded by the silver of the mint julep cups, the flatware, and the candle sticks, the table would really sparkle when the candles were lit. 

I had the most fun designing a few arrangements for our house. A Christmas mix of green and white with a touch of silvery gray…fresh greens, green hypericum berries, green mums, Queen Anne’s lace, and brunia make a pretty combo for any table centerpiece. 

Silver julep cups packed with berries, mums, and brunia are beefed up with greens pulled from the front yard.

Stay tuned for my other Christmas table tomorrow! 
Merry Christmas friends!