a new look

I spend one day a week working at Heery’s Too in Athens – it’s about a 45 minute drive for me, but I love who I work with and retail has always been fun for me. Heery’s Too is a home accessories and children’s boutique, but our parent store is Heery’s Clothes Closet – it’s been a downtown Athens staple for over 50 years. 
Over the summer, before the craziness of football season, both store facades got maja makeovers! Heery’s Too was painted a pretty shade of greeny-gray which yours truly chose, and along with the paint job, a new red awning was installed. 
I think it looks so chic!
Heery’s Clothes Closet had a bit more of an overhaul….new woodwork and trim was added to the outside and a new awning installed too. The new woodwork was painted more of a charcoal, which I think makes this facade really stand out among the other retailers! 

I love the new faux column look with the large merchandise windows…

Even the inside of HCC received a makeover! Aren’t those pendant lights just amazing?
This was taken during student day to launch the new store look and the fall merchandise
Here’s the “Before” image….quite the change!!! 
Be sure and stop by Heery’s Too and Heery’s Clothes Closet to see the changes in person!