A living room re-do: Before & After

I’ve been working with this client for some time now…getting our lists made, a few family furniture  pieces recovered, a few things painted, new stuff ordered….and now I am thrilled to show you what progress we’ve made. 
It’s been an extra fun project as my client is my sister in law. 🙂 
We’ve had fun getting this done together, and I am excited to show you guys how far its come. 
Here’s the BEFORE:

And the DURING: 
And now the AFTER: 

Now, the room feels much more pulled together, finished, and polished. 
We had the two old wing backs, Grandmother’s chairs (literally), recovered to now flank the fireplace. 
And an time tested sofa got a maja makeover with a new basket weave linen. Color from the lamps and pillows give fun accents to the otherwise neutral room. 

Here it is again.
That fabulous hide that can be found in many of my interiors. 😉 
This time, it’s a gold flecked albino hide layered over a fabo jute rug and under an even more fabo acrylic coffee table. 
Hubba hubba. 

It’s sophisticated, classic, and a little bit glam. 
Like the homeowner herself. 

A few detail shots:

Oh, and in case you guys missed it, here’s another peek at the awesome gallery wall in the entry.
I had a ball planning this spot and laying out all the pieces….many of them heirlooms, painted by family. 

Stay tuned for more on her house next week!