A kitchen reveal…mine! Part One

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On to the title of this post…our new kitchen {finally} completed! eeeek! yay! 
This one room endured a pretty big change. Over the course of the last 6 weeks, we had those MAJA floor issues that I blogged about here. In addition to the simple extremely difficult job of replacing the existing tile with new hardwoods, our first re-staining job on the floors in the adjoining living room and dining room was bunk. So, all of that had to be re-done when the kitchen floors were finally installed. 
This is part one of the big transition…I had to include these again so you all could see how far it’s come! 
This is the waaaaaay before….before we moved in or began any work. 

Here’s the keeping room …sitting area on the left, and breakfast area on the right.
 Oh yea, that Italian mural…
 And the rubble from tearing up the tile.
 My hottie hubs surveying the sitch. It wasn’t looking good…
 And then the dumpster came to make things a little better.
 Whew. All that concrete was finally up, and the sub-sub-floor was clean.
 Here comes the primer and paint! Feelin’ better about things now!
 Aren’t they looking great?!?! We were getting so excited… 
 Walls are getting a little trim love.
 And here’s what it looked like when we moved in. Seemed like a good place to stack all that stuff, right?
And then, we had buddies over for the Fourth of July, and I did the best I could. No cabinet fronts or flooring, but we couldn
‘t have been happier to have our friends there.
 This table was floating around our basement at the other house, and here it is getting a paint facelift. 
I decided to give it a little love too…so it could stay in the keeping room.
 Here’s all of the cabinet door fronts being primed and painted.
  I was hoping my beautiful old American flag would distract from the floors a little. 🙂
 And then, it all had to be taken out again so they could actually lay the floors.
I will post Part II of the kitchen reveal asap, promise!