BedroomA final holiday fluff {Before and After}

A final holiday fluff {Before and After}

Ok, so here is my last fluff share of the holiday season! 
I was a crazy woman getting all of my fabulous clients’ things out the week before Christmas! 
It was fun, and hurried, and just like the holidays should be. 😉 
This fluff was easy to pull off, especially when you have my super-hubs as my assistant! He can hang some drapes, people! I am terrified that one day he’s gonna quit on me, but he also knows he’s hired for life! ha! 
Over the fall, this client and I have been working to create a bit more of a pulled-together space for the master bedroom, as well as fluff the dining area and den too. We’ve been able to do a lot, with a little more to go. A few trips to Scott’s, a few custom pieces here, a new light fixture there….and voila! A “house” becomes “home”.
And After:
Warms my heart to see what a difference window treatments, lamps, plates, and pillows can do.
I love that the window treatments and larger table actually make the whole space feel larger. Now, its more proportionate, and ready for holiday gatherings. 
Happiest of Holidays to you all! 

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