A Christening Lunch

A few weeks ago, we attended a family christening in our hometown. My husband’s first cousin’s baby boy, Grayson, would be dedicated in the church where we grew up. 
I write about this church a lot. It means so much to us, as my grandparents and husband’s grandparents were members, our parents and all of our siblings are too. Not to mention most of our aunts, uncles and cousins. 
It’s extra special because we were married there 5 years ago. 😉  
I have also been working on several projects there that you guys may remember. 
The ladies’ parlor dedicated to our grandmothers.
The ladies’ powder room.
And coming up soon, the library.
Anyway, this time, a Griffin family christening brought us to our hometown church for the sweet celebration.  I was tickled to be asked by David’s Aunt Vicky (grandmother to baby Gray) to do the flowers for the sanctuary. 
A shell insignia graces the baptism banner, and I only thought it apropos to use a shell as the container for the display too. 
Bridal wreath, or spirea, served as the base, with oak leaf hydrangea from my yard as the flower filler.  Popcorn tree pods gave a nice spill in the front and as a garnish along the base of the shell. 

After the service, we headed to Aunt V’s for lunch, and for me, to take in her lovely house which always leaves me inspired and loving it more. 
(Side note: My bridesmaid’s luncheon was held here too!)
This gorgeous floral cross graced her front door. Truly, it was breathtaking. 
Soft and sweet, with cream roses and baby’s breath. 

Her tables were set with blue and white, baby’s breath and hydrangea, and antique linens and silver. 
Here are a few details around her home. 

There’s that beautiful baby boy – the man of the hour! 

Hope you enjoyed this post: a little bit of floral arranging, a little table scape design, and a mini-house tour…all in one! 
Happy Friday Bloggers!