5 days of Mi Casa: Day Three

While I was dying to wallpaper my back hallway, I was also reeeeeaaaaalllly wanting to wallpaper my powder room. I almost bit the bullet and ordered paper for it like 6 different times. I’m kinda glad I didn’t do that now, because I am so super thrilled with the way the stencil turned out. Again, the fabulous Molly Brannon did this for me!
Check out the transformation of this room by clicking here
Here’s what it looks like NOW:

In addition to the pretty spa blue lattice stencil, I updated and edited the accessories. The room doesn’t need much, and I like keeping it more simple.

Oh, and the caaaa-uuuutest photog assistant EVER showed up.

There’s a nice linen closet behind the door here, but it was difficult to get the bi-fold doors to open, and inside was less-than-pretty metal shelving. A few wooden shelves and lower cabinet doors replaced all of that, and now, it is much more appealing and easy to get to!

I just shopped around the house for extra accessories, and also made some fun flower arrangements for the shelves with stems I gathered from outside.

What improvements have you made to your powder room?