Tour My House: Upstairs Den

This little den, at the top of our stairs, is bound to become a play area for our two boys once Baby G makes his arrival in a few weeks. But, for now, its a sweet place for us to read or for our guests. It's also home to my favorite little gallery wall. With pieces from my friend Leigh-Anne O'Brien, local artist Beth Henson, my husband's great-aunt, and drawings I've done of our parents' homes. 

Thanks, you guys, for following along all week! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your love and support. 
Hope you guys have a great weekend! 


Tour My House: Our Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is a mix of cream and white, blue and camel. Its soothing to me with the Linen White walls and Sabre Grey ceiling. Give me a pair of blue&white lamps and I am a happy girl! 

Tour My House: Henry's Room

Henry's room, is right off our kitchen, and close by our room. It's probably a tad mature for him, but with it being right off the main rooms of our home, I couldn't exactly put a Lightning McQueen bed in here. :) So, its got some little boy flair and still keeps with the mostly-neutral color scheme of our house. 


Tour My House: My Kitchen and Keeping Room

Our kitchen is where we spend a ton of time. I love having the keeping area in front of the fireplace too! This little linen-covered settee (which once belonged to my grandmother) has been in the kitchen of all 3 of our houses. Its seen a lot! And of course when its cold outside, we have all of our meals here.