Monday Maven: The Girls of {Mimi & Muff} and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Congrats to Joy Thurman and Jules Allsbrook for winning the GIVEAWAY! 
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Happy Monday everyone! 

Today, I am honored to have the fabulous girls of Mimi & Muff as the second post in my new Monday Mavens series. 
Sara and Molly, two dear friends of mine, have combined their artistic talents, love of coastal climates, and bubbly personalities to create a gorgeous line of textiles and prints that have been produced into phone cases, beach bags, sarongs, tunics, and now stationary.

I am delighted to share more of their amazing line today! 


The girls recently moved into their own office space in Atlanta and shared a few peeks into their showroom for you guys to see! 
I could hang out here all day!!! 

What led you two to begin your business together?

Sara: Molly and I have always wanted to have a creative business together!  My background is in Fabric Design, and Molly's is in Fashion.  Molly and could not compete with "high fashion", and we also wanted to create something more cohesive to our lifestyle.  We both love the beach, so a resort line was perfect! 

What inspires you to create? Do you have any favorite textiles? 

Sara: I love Henri Matisse right now!  He has an exhibit, The Cut-Outs, opening October 12th at the MOMA.  We are dying to go!  I also loves Marimekko.  Big, bold, colorful patterns are my favorite to design!  I never appreciated the Marimekko look until I studied abroad in Japan, the number 1 country for fabric design.

Molly:  I worked for Trina Turk's corporate office in New York.  Trina Turk's business sense and style has has rubbed off on Mimi and Muff because of my experience there.  I love working a market!  I also lived in Charleston, where beach clothes count for half your wardrobe.  My knowledge in beach wear helped us design our patterns for production.

You can see more fun photos of the M&M girls out and about on their Facebook page:

And you should totally follow them on Instagram:

Their product line is SO CUTE!!! I am obsessed with every color in every pattern in every piece. 
Hmmmm.....Christmas list, anyone?!?!

You may remember my mention of them here:

Be sure and check out their fantastic website here:

Now that you're dreaming of strolling sandy beaches in your very own Mimi & Muff attire, GUESS WHAT!?!?!


Sara and Molly are treating two of my lucky readers to a piece of their gorgeous textile line!
First up, a Blue House Bag in the Golden Isles Print! :)))))
It holds all the necessities....towel, sunscreen, magazines, water bottle...and a lot more. 

And secondly, a beautiful Sarong in the aqua Golden Isles Print!! 
It is so soft, and so versatile.
Simple way to go from beach to lunch! 

Here are a few more of their delicious items in the line:

You guys know the drill....comment below, as many times as you would like and I will chose a winner at random after the giveaway closes at midnight on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Best of luck!!! 


Green Thumb? Meh.

Give me a house, and the inside will be whipped into shape in no time. 
The outside, however? 
Not so much.

My mama loves tending to her plants. And she has quite a green thumb. 
I, unfortunately, didn't inherit this.
Actually, it probably has more to do with her amount of patience with things, and me, well, not being very patient. :)

Even without gardening skills, we've managed to landscape our yard and miraculously 98% of what we planted not only lived, but thrived! 

Early last Spring, before Henry arrived, David and I spent a lot of time planning our flower beds. We headed to the nursery, and bought our plants, and had them all planted by our fabo yard guy. 
Check out the post here.
It's super fun to reflect on the BEFORE

Because here's the AFTER

Our crepe myrtles and hydrangea just took off
The crepe myrtles will grow to be slightly taller than the gutters, and the hydrangea, well, there may be no stopping them. See the middle bush, behind the bench? That center hydrangea stalk is a good foot taller than me. 

After it rains, those gorgeous oak leaf hydrangea blooms are so heavy, they drag the ground.
I have to stop myself from cutting them all and having humongo arrangements all over our house.  

That one stalk is just reaching for the sky! 
Tucked under the crepe myrtles are holly bushes, boxwoods, artemesia, and loripedlum. They'll take a few years to fill in, but they're still doing great.

The boxwoods and ivy in the front pots still like their home! 

Like the outside, I love having plants inside too. 
Sadly, I end up having to toss them...either from neglect, or they were in the wrong spot, or we went on vacation. 
I have managed to keep a few alive though.
My sister in law trepidatiously gave me this Maiden Hair fern. With due reason too...Maiden Hair's are notoriously known for being uber finicky. 
After a month, I am proud to say, it's alive and twice the size that it was when she gave it to me! 

Orchids and I have a maja love/hate relationship. To me, they're gorgeous. I. Love. Them.
But try as I may, once the blooms fall, our relationship is over. Generally, they last a few months for me. And my often trips to Ikea usually produce a new one. 

I seriously can't kill this guy.
Not that I've tried, but he just wilts and I water him.
I highly recommend potato vine for anyone who needs a plant to literally tell you it needs water. 
It's been almost a year in October, and he's still doing good! 

Ikea always gets me with the plants. And this succulent is testament to the pressure I felt to find a plant to come home with me. 
Two and a half years later, he's still living!
I just wait until the soil looks dry, and water it again. 

Same with this guy.
He wilts. I water. 

Do you guys have luck keeping plants alive? 


Spa Blue, Coral, and Gray: A Teen Dream Room

Planning this grown-up room for my teenage cousin was a breeze. She knew the color scheme and feel of what she wanted, and I am UHHHBBB-sessed with the way it all came together! 

{You all may remember the fun rooms we pulled together for her brothers a year or so ago.}

The inspiration for the space was a dish of beautiful shells...shades of spa blue, oatmeal, creams, grays, and a pop of coral. 
Pretty much my favorite color scheme.

I don't have a "before" image but just conjure up a tween room with lots of pink, brown, and pattern. 

Now, here's the AFTER: 

The coral monogrammed headboard, built by my fabulous upholsterer, is really the gorgeous focal point of the whole room. Dressed in simple white linens with a silver sage embroidered border, the bed has much presence. 
Flanking the bed is a pair of gray distressed chests with gorgeous statement lamps in white. Framing the whole room are a few pairs of linen drapery panels with lovely coral jute trim, contrasting with the perfect shade of blue-gray walls. 
Pulling the whole room together is the incredible lattice rug. 

A comfy linen chaise gives a nice place for homework and watching TV. 

The bamboo shades give texture and a nice filtered light through the windows. 

I sure did love working on this project! 


A Blue and White Weeknight Dinner

I love hosting friends during the week. 
It feels a little like I am getting away with something on a "school night." :)

The combo of blue & white, hydrangea, a delicious dinner, and three girl friends....well, it's just too fun! 

Wanted to share the simple table scape that I pulled together with lemons from the fridge, hydrangea from the yard, and my tried-and-true blue and white dinnerware. 
Maybe you'll be inspired to host a little dinner too! :))

{Happy Dining} blogger friends! 


Marketplace Gainesville

Once again, I am proudly volunteering with Marketplace here in Gainesville. The Marketplace event, held at the Civic Center, showcases many local vendors just in time for your Christmas shopping!
Women's clothing, men's clothing, children's wear, home accessories, furniture, gourmet food items...and more! 

Here is more information on the event.

I am a part of the Artsy Garden committee, too. Artsy Garden, a collection of fabulous donated items all available for silent auction, is held on the porch of the Civic Center over the course of the 3 day event. 
The money is raised for the volunteer services at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, a cause close to my heart! 

As a member of the NGHS Auxiliary and the Trellis Society Board at NGHS, I see first hand the incredible community outreach that's served through our hospital. 
We, as a community, are beyond blessed to have such wonderful, nationally recognized healthcare at our service. 

Please plan to attend the events coming up soon! 
Preview Party is so fun, and gives everyone a chance to dress up, have fantastic food, and participate in the energetic live auction, as well as the limited-time-offered silent auction. 

Hope to see you guys in November! 


Monday Maven: Marquin Campbell and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Congrats to yesterday's winners! 

I believe the 15th entry goes to Hollie Hill! 
You are the winner of the black and white original painting! 

And the 27th entry belongs to Allie Wilkinson! 
Excited that you'll have an original Marquin Campbell painting in your home! 

Be on the lookout for more Monday Mavens and GIVEAWAYS coming up in the future! 

I began stalking following Marquin on Instagram, via her gorgeous website and we chatted over email. A fellow UGA girl from Savannah, she is the first {Maven} in my new blog series!   
(follow her on Instagram @marquindesigns)

Maven means "expert, or connoisseur." And well, it just sounded cute to do it on Mondays. ;) 

Starting today, and continuing through the holidays and into the new year, I will be hosting a bi-monthly feature on a talented friend of mine....artists of all sorts....painters, photographers, jewelry designers, cooks, and so much more! I do hope you will follow along with the series as there will be some fun surprises along the way too! 

The lovely Marquin Campbell is an artist and paint studio owner in Greenville, South Carolina. She graciously allowed me to interview her...and I have loved getting to know this fun, endearing business owner! She bursts with creative energy...akin to my own love of creating! 

Marquin's interview below:


Tell me about yourself: 

I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina.  I have an art school, Vino And van Gogh, that started out as a wine and paint studio, but has grown into a full blown school: I have 10 teachers that work there and  also host guest artists to teach workshops.  We teach classes to kids starting at one to adults.  

I work out of the studio painting, drawing, and making jewelry.  Basically, I love making things and have created the perfect job for myself: one where I can be surrounded with creativity all the time. 

Tell us about yourself as an artist: 

I am inspired by a lot: I find the world around me endlessly interesting: food, wine, travel, textiles, color, pattern, and books all inspire me.  Lots of my current work is driven by the land in the lowcountry- especially focusing on the marsh and water.  But really, I paint for pure enjoyment.  So I paint what moves me in the moment. 

What inspires you to create: 

I have an abundance of creative energy.  If I don't get that energy out into the world I feel a void.  Its really the equivalent of working out: once you've been doing it your whole life, its hard to not keep up the routine because you thrive off of it. 

What are your favorite color schemes?
I am drawn to watery blues, grays, and I love using a really deep brown that has a tinge of purple in it in all my paintings.  But I am always moved by color and react to it differently every time I work. 

What is your favorite Medium? 

I get horrible migraines, so oil is a no-go for me.  I stick to acrylic and watercolor. I also love gold leafing and gold paint in my painting work. 

Do you have any art pieces that are particularly special to you? 

In each piece I learn more, so I usually love the last painting I created the most.  My first big painting was in first grade: it won an award with Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and was placed on a Christmas greeting card and went in their permanent art collection.  That is when I knew I wanted to be an artist. 

How does your art style translate in your home? 

I have an unfussy, yet traditional home. I would like to think the my work is elegant but fun and approachable.  I want the space in my home to have that same feeling. I have a very low-patterened home with strong textures so that art and accessories show up well in it.  Too much pattern and color makes me overwhelmed. 


I loved sneaking a peek into Marquin's gorgeous home and inspiring studio space! So much so that, I now have one of her fabulous original black and white paintings hanging in my home. 

Check out all of her gorgeous work here.

I began a simple gallery wall in my bedroom, and have loved seeing how different combinations pop against the chocolate color of the walls. This amazing painting fit right in and really sings to me from this little corner of the room. 

I love mixing in abstract art, and the movement of this piece is both invigorating and calming to me. The layers of paint give it texture and interest....and by hanging it one of 4 ways gives me a different feel with each turn of the canvas. 

SOOOOOOOO, Now its: 

Marquin has generously sent not one BUT TWO of her originals for my fantastic bloggers! 

One super duper lucky reader will receive this black and white original painting!

If you don't win either of them, have no fear... Marquin is generously offering a discount code of 20% off to my readers on her website:

Just enter
at checkout on any product till September 21st

It's a "sister" to mine, and just as wonderful! 

Not only will one reader receive the black and white painting, but a second reader will receive this original abstract piece on heavy weight watercolor paper. Shades of blue, taupe, cream and metallic gold combine in this piece! 

I love them both, and am super happy that two of my sweet readers get to have a piece of Marquin's talent in their home. 

You guys know the drill.....comment below to "enter"! Giveaway time ends 9.16.14 at midnight! :))) 
Good luck!!! 

If you're in the Greenville area, be sure to check out her studio space at Vino and Van Vogh! 
And don't forget to peruse her incredible original pieces too.

Just enter
at checkout on any product till September 21st

Don't forget to follow her on Instagram @marquindesigns too! 

Thank you again to Marquin!