Client Progress: Before, During, and After

This renovation project has been nothing but fun for me! 
The clients are very good friends of mine, and we have had a ball working on this maja fixer-upper! 

When we began, the home had fantastic bones - nice scale, great original hardwoods, and plenty of space. However, updates to the kitchen and baths were a MUST. 

Just to get you pumped about the evolution of this house, I wanted to share the current pics, but had to show you the before's first. 

Here ya go!

And here are some progress shots:

Ok get ready, here's where we are now:

Let's re-visit that old kitchen once more 

And the kitchen now

The old guest bath

And now

I hope you love this transformation as much as I do. 
I'm pretty obsessed, myself.

Stay tuned for more as we move to the more "fun" parts of this project!


  1. Wow! I am so impressed!!! You are majorly talented. Looking fab!

  2. What an absolutely stunning transformation!! Congratulations!

    xo Lily

  3. Thanks for sharing! Loved this and it gave me such encouragement. We are selling our beautiful new house that we built, and I don't know where we are going to end up. My gut is telling me I will pick a fixer-upper this time, and while I know I can do it, it's nice to see that it really can be done. Loved your photos, and really, you have no idea how it encouraged me! Thanks!