Client Condo: Before and After

When this young couple decided to make the move back East after spending time living in Texas, I was tickled they called me to help them with their new space. 
We had previously worked on another apartment together, and their wedding too, so we are no strangers. ;)
In fact, I adore them and we have great fun working together. 

Here are the before images of the empty space we'd be "fluffing."
Consisting of a great kitchen, dining area, living room, and master bedroom, the condo has awesome scale and great, tall ceilings. 

We knew pulling the master bedroom together was important. A shared space for the newlyweds, that neither felt too feminine or too masculine. However, the bride's favorite rug (which graces the living room floor) would set the color scheme for our fabrics. 
Graduating to a king size bed required a new custom headboard. 
And plenty more to follow. :)

Now, a mix of cream, gray and white with a punch of coral and aqua  pulls the look together. 
A pair of brass lamps from the family stash give a little jolt of vintage. 
I love the way the colors and textures compliment each other.

The master bedroom features a fabulous niche - the perfect reading spot or meeting area at the end of the day. I love the softness of the draperies and the coral, gray, and cream hues.

Here are a few more shots of this pretty room:

The main living space got a re-do with new pieces as well. 
I love the neutral upholstery and the color punch from the pillows.

The TV wall got a bit of "fluff" as well.
I LOVE the mix of mirrors here.

A nice stash of wedding gifts called for a space to both store and display, and the dining area had a perfect niche for a hutch-style piece.
I really dig this gray washed china case with open shelving.

I had a table cloth made to pull in our colors from the other rooms.
The table is now surrounded by comfy chairs, ready for entertaining! 

Hope y'all enjoyed this mini-tour! 
And hope you all have a happy Monday!


Client Progress: Before, During, and After

This renovation project has been nothing but fun for me! 
The clients are very good friends of mine, and we have had a ball working on this maja fixer-upper! 

When we began, the home had fantastic bones - nice scale, great original hardwoods, and plenty of space. However, updates to the kitchen and baths were a MUST. 

Just to get you pumped about the evolution of this house, I wanted to share the current pics, but had to show you the before's first. 

Here ya go!

And here are some progress shots:

Ok get ready, here's where we are now:

Let's re-visit that old kitchen once more 

And the kitchen now

The old guest bath

And now

I hope you love this transformation as much as I do. 
I'm pretty obsessed, myself.

Stay tuned for more as we move to the more "fun" parts of this project!