Baby Henry's Bathroom

Many things happen when you come home from the hospital as a new family. You leave the house as the two of you, and come back with another person who's yours. It's amazing. 
We've had a summer of adjusting to our new threesome, and it's been so wonderful, awe inspiring, exhausting, and fun. 

But, aside from those things, other things happened around here too.

The mailbox had a pretty blue bow for a few weeks

And the lamppost did too

As did the front door

And his little bathroom finally got some baby love too. I did a sweet collection of art on the largest wall, some of which was done by me, and some from Etsy.
The three quotes came from Etsy, the elephant sketch and rhino were done by me in high school, and the plate and mirror are antiques. 

There's nothing like adding a pretty monogram to a set of fluffy new towels either. The towels and shower curtain both got some initial love for our Thomas Henry Griffin.

For our anniversary, I painted a crest of sorts in honor of our last name for my husband, and we agreed that Henry needed it in either his room or bathroom.

Along with the art wall and new monogrammed linens, I added a fun indoor/outdoor chevron rug from Dash and Albert for a pop of pattern and color.

And this great bamboo shelf to house all of our bath cloths, bath toys and the like. 

Hope you like!


Molloyd Designs

Have you guys seen my friend Molly Lloyd's new custom drawings and stationary line? It's adorable and she is too! Her custom pieces are amazing, and you have to check them out! She recently did the invitation for a shower I helped host, and it was precious. 

Here are a few of her images:

Be sure and contact her for your own custom pieces! 


New Art Around My Abode

Lately I've added a few new art pieces around the house. It's an easy way to feel like something changed without a ton of $$$. I have too much fun arranging the prints, paintings, and plates - with the nail holes to show for it.

Here's what I've been up to:

The back hallway was freshened with a new print

And new paintings too. 
I had the paintings of our dog Baxter and cat Sandy done for David. The super talented Lisa May Williams did them and I think they're beyond adorable! They're flanked by drawings of my parents and in-laws homes by yours truly. 

***Ps. She also did a painting of our newborn son Henry for my husband's first Father's Day. 
I just fell in love with it!***

Over the summer, my mama and I ran across a pair of nude paintings at the Athens Antique Mall. I had to have them! I added the halo of  chinois and oyster plates around the modern piece that my talented friend Renee did for me, and propped one of the nudes up front.
I love the look of layered art! 

I just really fell for them! The colors were so pretty, and their size was perfect.

Here's the other one hanging in my bathroom.

After acquiring a few antique prints at Scott's, I arranged them with other plates in our basement. The woodland look and depictions of animals suit this room in our house.

I even had one left over to add to a bathroom, neatly tucked under another oyster plate.

Have you added new art around your house lately?


A Mountain View

Hi blogger friends! 
Don't you dare miss this gorgeous post on the 2012 Cashier's showhouse that my BFF James Farmer recently authored. I had a blast as his second set of hands! 

He's got more images of the beautiful porch he designed on All Things Farmer, and on Pinterest too...you can see that his love for red, white, and blue is evident - I know the photos are lovely, but believe me, in person, it was all breathtaking!

And if you haven't seen it already, check out his post on the incredible baby shower he and my best friends threw for Baby Boy Griffin!



Back in early spring, my husband and I headed to a local nursery to chose plants for our latest project around our house - re-landscaping the front beds. The previous home owners didn't appear to have planned very well. Things were a hodge podge with no shape or symmetry. Although I will give them a little credit - there was always something blooming in the yard; it was just really random what was blooming. Sometimes there'd be little pink roses, sometimes day lilies, sometimes irises, sometimes chrysanthemums. 
I tend to like a little more order to things than that. ;) 

We agreed on a rough space plan that I drew for the large beds, and decided on a color scheme of shades of green. My fave.
Off we went.

Here's a peek of our haul. It was probably the coldest, windiest day of the month too. I was very pregnant at  the time, and freezing cold too!

When we got home, we began to sit out everything for the yard guys to plant. You can tell how bleak everything is - not a single leaf on our trees yet! And see how ill-placed the existing plants are too.

Sandy, our feline, was very curious as to what mom and dad were up to. :)

Here's an in-progress shot:

And an after, before things began to bloom.
I chose a mix of half black and half natural mulch for the beds to coordinate with the natural look of our house and other areas of the yard.

Now, here's our pretty, green beds.
It's amazing what a little mulch, sod, and few loads of plants will do! 

We've kinda got a three layer plan going on....crepe myrtles are in the back - they'll bloom white next year and get to be about 6-8' tall; boxwood, hollys, and hydrangea are mixed in between; artemesia, loripedlum, and dusty miller are in front. And the small potted mosses in the first picture are planted along the front left corner and along side the house in a damp, shady spot leading to the lake. 

We lined the walkway with small gardenias - which I love! The planters have small boxwood and ivy while my other pots have white geraniums. 

While I do like order and symmetry, I believe the plants we chose will provide a natural, un-manicured look when they fill in. There's nothing prettier than the shades of green we've got too! I can hardly wait for my white hydrangea to bloom next year either.

We were able to place some of the plants from the front beds in the larger one above our erosion controlling juniper. Now, the day lilies, chrysanthemums, hollys, roses, and a few hydrangea have a new home. 

Here's our sweet watch dog, Baxter, exploring his new territory.

David and I are both thrilled that we took the plunge to plant some new things. We look forward to what they'll look like next year, after a year of establishment too! 
With the spring plants and blooms we had around here came another spring regular - the chipmunks. Sandy loves to "play" with them and really loves to make sure mom and dad know she's a good hunter. ;) 
I snapped these few pics of her keeping a close eye on one - he's about 18" away from her, and believe me, she never let him get much farther. 

Have you guys made any improvements to your yard lately?


Pardon Our Progress

Over the summer, I have been working on the renovation of four apartments in Downtown Athens. At the corner of College Avenue and Clayton Street, the apartments are arguably the best address in the Classic City. At least for a college student, that is. However, it wouldn't take much for this wife and mama to be convinced to live here either - my love affair of this town is still going strong even though I've already been there, done that, and gotten a gazillion sorority t-shirts. 

Several of my friends lived downtown as UGA students, and loved it. The four apartments are of course above store fronts - memorable places for any past student like Cookies Cafe, Planet Smoothie, Masada, and Marvin's Shoe Repair.

When contacted to head the interior design of the space, I was salivating before the conversation had ended. What a dream for this girl! 
While I would be working with a fantastic contractor, I would be put in charge of the many finishes and design choices that go into such an undertaking. Paint colors, tile choices, hardwood floor stain, appliances, counter tops, cabinetry colors, light fixtures, and the like. 

I would be keeping with a historic look with modern touches - the buildings date back for over a hundred years. Part of which were used by the band R.E.M. as their office space before retirement last fall. I mean, how cool is that?

We're continuing to work on the space and discovering the fun quirks of old buildings, so progress is sometimes halted by these funny little characteristics. However, I had to show you what I began with...so you'll really appreciate the "after" when it's all completed. 

The exposed brick walls are to die for! 

This large picture window and the domed ceiling are such dream features!

Many of these window casings are original.

What a neat little fireplace!

This corner room is hexagonal-shaped - the most incredible view! Can you imagine how fun this will be on game days?!?!

I promise to keep you up to date on this project - it's too fun not to share!