Church reno update

I've been working on the renovation at my hometown church. Everything is coming along so well! 
The library has been painted, the ladies' bathroom is complete, and we're gearing up for some gorgeous library cabinetry. 
There were a few pieces of artwork at the church that really needed to be shared, and I have had them re-framed. One was this amazing, huge rendering of the church done about 50 years ago. I can really appreciate the time it took to draw this big guy - we had to learn to do this in school too, before we learned how to do it on a computer. The drawing was in an old frame and was wrinkling under the glass; but now, it's newly re-framed and gorgeous! It will be placed in the library once the cabinetry is complete. 

Have a great weekend!


New Pillows

I've been working hard around here to get our house decorated for Christmas! David and I are hosting a Christmas party next week, and I can't wait to show you how festive it all looks.

Do you find yourself putting away your everyday accessories to make way for Christmas things? Jeez, I have been trying to make a place for it all! It's always sad to me how empty the house looks after the holidays once we've taken the trees down and put it all away.

In addition to Christmas, I have a few knew pillows around. They were made for the living room, and I am obsessed with how they turned out! 
More pics to come asap! 


Green, gray, and white nurseries & a client reveal

Hope you all had a fabulous, filling Turkey day!
We ate, relaxed, and ate some more!

Today I wanted to share a peek around a client's nursery. Before baby boy came into the world, we spent months finalizing his little space. The colors chosen were greens, creams, and grays. 
When searching for inspiration, I found so many fun options on Pinterest!

Here, I love the striped curtains! And the gray walls can certainly grow with the little guy.
Gray White & Green Nursery

This is too cute! The chartreuse dresser makes it! And that rug gives the best punch!

Gray and Green Nursery

This is more conceptual, but how soothing is this?!?!

green and gray nursery

I'm diggin' this camo wall paper - it's not the least bit red-neck. And I've always loved this modern crib.

gray, yellow and green nursery

I loved the creative vertical book storage in this nursery. The room has tons of light, and is filled with sweet things!

Teal, lime green and gray nursery (photograph by brianawollman.com)

And here is the finished baby nursery of my cousin Drew and his wife Kelly, right before the baby came! Literally, he came the next day!

The walls were painted a soft green, and they chose a mahogany finish for the furniture. I suggested lighting up the space with simple taupe draperies and a linen glider. 

We added a fun gray and white striped floor rug, and fun floor cushions for play time in matching crib fabrics. 

A few toss pillows were made in crib fabrics as well, and some fun accessories were added out of baby's reach. :)

I love how these floor cushions turned out! And what a comfy pillow for mommy and daddy while all are playing on the floor!

The crib fabrics were soft and subtle...I loved the brushed chenille sheet.

Baby pictures of mommy and daddy sit on the book shelves as well.

Baby has lots of fun "friends" all gathered in the basket.

Hope you enjoyed! I can't wait to begin plans for my own nursery once we find out what this nugget is! 


Oh, say can you see...

There's nothing more Patriotic than our beautiful American Flag. 
Growing up, my paternal grandparents were the most patriotic people, and certainly helped instill that sentiment into our hearts too. My grandfather served in the war while my grandmother knew what it was like to wait back home. 
Every Fourth of July was spent at their lake house....American flags lined the driveway, the table linens were red, white, and blue, and lunch was called by all singing "God Bless America." 
While cleaning out their home after they'd passed, many American flags were found. I grabbed three for myself; one older, worn cotton flag in particular. 
I knew I wanted to do something special with it, and was leaning toward framing it. But custom framing is just so darn expensive, especially for something that big. 
My wheels were really turning after a quick search on Pinterest:
Check out these amazing uses of American and Brit flags...

I wanted to hang my grandparent's flag in a guest room in our basement. I already had this preppy Union Jack pillow tossed on a chair next to my cutie pie mid-century table I recently had painted in high gloss black - it came out of my great-grandparents' home. 

Instead of custom framing, my solution was to mount Ol' Glory between two pieces of plexiglass and bolt that to the wall as a "frame." I love the way it turned out! 
My hubs put the screw holes in for me, and a local glass shop cut the plexiglass to size. 

I really love it! 
It makes me happy to have something so meaningful in my home, and it's pretty too!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! 
I am thankful for my grandparents, those who fought under the Stars and Stripes, and for all my family and friends! 
Have a safe and fun holiday!


An umbrella stand and a new light

After we moved into our house over the summer, I realized something had really been missing from my life - an umbrella stand.
That's a little dramatic, I know; but once I started seeing them everywhere, I couldn't let it go!
Here are a few of my fave ones from Pinterest:

I had in mind what I was looking for, it just took a minute to find it. And then, on our road trip to Richmond, VA, my bff James and I spotted it.
A square, white ceramic, faux bamboo umbrella holder. 
I was so excited! 
I think I had it at the register in under a minute!
Of course, in this pic, it's by my front door - but, surprise! - it's moved to by the bamboo settee I recently got back from the caning repair shop. More on that later.

It was just too cute to leave behind!

On another "new addition" note, have I shown you this piece of gorgeousness in our stairwell? It's been hanging here all summer and fall, but I am not sure I gave it enough blog attention. 
When we bought the house, a glorious large brass lantern was hanging here. A replacement was necessary.
So, my friends at Currey and Company had just the thing. As a matter of fact, they always do. Just normally my wallet tells me "no". 
I managed to find enough pennies to squeeze this beaut into my budget and viola! Here she is!
I just loved that it looked old, but wasn't. And it's super light too - not too heavy for me to carry.

Hope y'all are having a nice Monday so far!


Holiday Showhouse Reminder!

Don't forget to visit the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles' Holiday House this year! The home opened to the public yesterday, and it's the perfect thing to do this weekend!
For more info, click here

And mark your calendars....select contents of the house are going up on One King's Lane on December 4th!!! 
Happy Touring!


Client Mood Boards: A Young Family

For a few months now, I have been working with an adorable young family in Athens. Mom, Dad, and their two little girls are just presh. They have a great house in a fun Athens neighborhood, but had been putting off pulling the inside of the house together. I mean, it's not like they've been busy with two little angels under 3.... ;) 
So, in comes me! :)
The first rooms we're concentrating on are the den, the little girls' rooms, and the dining room. Phase II will be the living room, the master, and the basement. 
Since everything is under way now, I wanted to share the mood boards for this project, and in a few weeks, I will show you all the finished products. 
Happy Friday! 

The den called for a better space plan, and first on the list was a comfy sofa for the whole family. Later, we'll add woodwork around the mantel and a built-in for the TV. A simple jute rug provides a nice palette under foot, and a modern piece of art over the mantel will pull in the colors of the fabrics we're using around the space.

I presented the clients with three options for the den space. Fabrics really are the most fun part for me. It's like putting together a puzzle! 
Obviously, we went with option 1 (I love it when my favorite option is the client's favorite option too. Of course I don't tell them that until after they choose though!)
The dining room needs maja help. Really, we'll be starting from scratch. A farm style table with mixed seating fit the vibe of this young family and allowed for more room when guests come for the holidays!

For the older daughter's room (I say older, she's 2 though), we decided on a snappy color palette of pink and green with pops of coral and blue. It's going to be super fun!

For the bambino of the family, a softer palette was needed. 

We're going with shades of light pink, cream and gray! How sweet is this?!?

Have a great weekend and check back soon to see these rooms come to life!


Shopping finds

As I was flipping through images taken on my camera, I thought I'd share what I've been snapping lately. Between our local antique mall and Scott's, I've found some pretty neat stuff. 

This campaign chest is too fun. I just love the black finish paired with the brass hardware. Would be the perfect TV console. 

I can never get enough of garden seats. This pair of white buffarilla ones at Scott's would be an amazing set instead of a traditional coffee table.

See the square topped guys on the second row? I took a pair of those home with me. They'll be serving as a coffee table in my hometown church's new library that I've been working on.

This mid-century chest would be a fabo bedside piece, especially with a modern piece of art hanging over it and a maja blue and white lamp on it. I just love a touch of modern with traditional.

More garden seats...

This mantel is so gorge! I had already purchased the mantel for our living room, and certainly didn't need another. But, how great would this be as a headboard!?

I am always drawn to these lights in an upfront booth at Scott's. I seriously could have taken 5 home with me. Lantern overload.

Cobalt blue campaign chest = drool. This served as the inspiration for a new piece at my parent's house...Ikea hack here I come. More on that later.

Bergeres and burlap, oh my! I wanted them all!

More lantern fabulousness...

These guys were not only a steal, but they looked great and were comfy too. There's a slew of them in the back of the South building for anyone who's interested.

And I really fell for this pair of Chinois prints. Hate the frame, hate the mat, but love love love the little China men.

Have you found any fun treasures lately?