New Kitchen Lights

When we first moved into our house, the kitchen was a mess. Remember? Now, this room in our home is much more suitable for our taste as well as more functional for our life.
Originally, there was track lighting over the center island. I'm not hugely opposed to track lighting, but knew that I could find something much better. I kept being drawn to industrial chic lights...here are the Pins I was swooning over:

I am sure you're seeing a common thread between these Pins - light, bight kitchens, with a touch of industrial chic....gorgeous styling and a few bar stools. 

And here is my solution! 
Three industrial lights evenly spaced over our center island!

These guys were found on clearance (score!) at World Market, and up they went! 

I love their patina, and the structural look. 
They're great at night when we don't have the recessed lighting on, just these sweet little guys over the island shining onto the sink.

I am really diggin' the way they look with our new piece in here too! 

And one more small addition to the room - this fun little chest with a marble top! 
I grabbed this from a storage building at home a few weeks ago, polished this sucker up, and now its home is under the TV in the kitchen - but, I am sure it'll find other homes in our house eventually too. :)

Happy Monday!


Master Bedroom Bay Window Before & After

Happy Friday, bloggers! 
I am enjoying a beautiful view from my office this morning...the leaves are changing, the wind is bringing in the cold, and I can spy the lake through the thinning leaves! We are scooting to Highlands this weekend with some sweet friends. It's a short drive for us, and we are tickled to be with good company and in the mountains for a few days! 

Now for a little before and after for your Friday!

Remember the bay window post I shared with you all a few weeks ago? 
And the guest room too?
Well, not to be out done, but the master bedroom bay window needed some window treatment love too! 
Here's the space before we got started:
A comfy pair of chairs and a skirted table provided a sweet spot for a respite, but the windows were lacking. 

And not only did the form need a little something, but we were dealing with a function issue too. As the sun rose in the mornings, this window gave the master of the house a bird's eye view of that bright sunshine. Since the corner was a little cramped for a traditional drape, a roman shade seemed more apropos.

And after!
Each window was fitted with a simply pretty creamy white roman shade, while height was accentuated with classic linen draperies hanging from a black rod. 

And problem solved in this corner too! 
The roman shade lets up and down easily to let sleepers get some shut-eye past sunrise!

I love the finished look that this gives to an already great vignette in the home.

While we were at it, the bathroom called for some "glam" as well. These handsome duck prints were placed in the master bath a few years ago, but weren't conducive to the lady of the house sharing this gorgeous space too.

So, two mirrored frame sepia prints now hang in their spot. :)

I love these prints, and even have them in my home too. Sadly, they are now discontinued, but I love the mix of masculine and feminine they provide.

Have a happy Fall weekend to you all! 


Fall Styling and a new piece for the kitchen

It's not too late to spruce up your home for the fall season and Thanksgiving holidays coming up! 
Can you believe it's right around the corner?

I ran across this gorgeous porch for your Wednesday inspiration! 
I love the purple and green with the corn stalks!

I also loved this little green and white fall tableau....super sweet for an entry table or dining centerpiece.

And if you're like me and have plenty of dried hydrangea around, try sticking them in a footed bowl with plenty of feathers and acorns. Tuck a few leaves and acorns around the bottom and ta-da! You've got a fun, woodsy arrangement!

On a different note, Santa came a little early for the Griffins. I spotted this amazing piece at our local Lakeview Interiors antique mall and could just feel the potential. The paint colors and odd appliques on the door had to go. Immediately.
And the paper eyelet border affixed to the shelves? DIY gone wrong.

I knew the piece was super old, and man, could it hold a lot of stuff.
The price was crazy good, so Santa made an early delivery to us!

And here's the AFTER!!!!!
The wood is definitely pine. There's a touch of tongue and groove on the sides and in the back, so that's super fun too. The paint has seeped into the grain over the years and I love it.
Once those weird appliques came off, the front looks super chic!

It fits perfectly on the wall in our kitchen and gives me maja room to hold more entertaining pieces.

How lovely is this hardware? I just think its fabo!

I showed this piece to our painter, and he knew just the look I was going for! 
I think they did a super job!
If you're interested, this piece is at the Athens Antique Mall.


It's Fall around here!

A friend told me about an amazing pumpkin patch a little north of my and David's house. I was swooning over her stories of gray and white and ombre pumpkins...so, later that afternoon, David and I made the 20 minute drive into White County in search of the pumpkin patch. And boy, did we find it! We came home with many pumpkins for our front porch, as well as fresh, local produce for our weeknight dinners.
The pumpkins were so beautiful, I had to share with you all! 
Here's my good sport handsome hubs pulling my pumpkin wagon!
**no, I didn't dress him to match the landscape, but gosh, he looks so cute, doesn't he? :)

Can you feel my excitement?
Gray pumpkins galore, oh my!

There were rows and rows of all different varieties. Not just pumpkins, but mums, gourds, and even wooden caskets for your spooky haunted houses! Eek!

These are not typical orange pumpkins (those are in the background), but luscious blood orange ones with amazing color variations.

And the gorgeous ghost pumpkins!

It was pretty dark when we got home that night from the pumpkin patch, so the next day I spent plenty of time arranging these guys just so.

I love all the colors that came home with me. The speckled, ombre style looks a lot like the squash we eat. And I picked a lighter, terra cotta color of orange pumpkin instead of the traditional ones. A small blood orange one came home too along with a some gray ones and a light yellow. A few white mini pumpkins sprinkled in make it sweet.

After a weekend in South Georiga, I came home with cotton stalks cut from the farm...Love the way they look too.

Here's a few pics of the small amount of decor scattered around my house.
I made this faux bois pumpkin last year from a white one I grabbed from Michaels. 

And decorated these faux pumpkins from Michael's with a little glam glitter.

Is this creepy?
I think the white ceramic skull is oddly glamorous.

The dining table is scattered with cork votive holders, cotton bolls, dried hydrangea, sorghum, and wild flower. A few wine corks and acorns are mixed with the white mini pumpkins.

My dad cut me some cat tails during our farm ride too. I think they're super.

Here's a few snaps of my mom's beautiful fall tablescape too!
Gray pumpkins, pyracantha, sorghum, cotton, and mini white pumpkins on the dining room table.

For the breakfast table, shiny copper painted pumpkins mixed with potted acorns, feathers, and yellow berries!

And now, the world's cutest pumpkin carver! My mother in law and Ben had a ball carving pumpkins!

Hope you all have a fun, safe, Halloween/GA-FL week!