Our bath and closet

Our new bathroom is pretty spacious. 
I our other house, my husband converted an old green tiled bath into a larger modern one, but sometimes with us both in there getting ready in the mornings, it could still be a little tight. 
Now, we've definitely got more room.

Here's the bathroom before we painted and added our things.

The floors, counters and surface around the tub meant that it would all be easy to clean. And a ceiling sky light definitely makes the room bright.

And now, it feels like home with our "stuff" in here.

The short transition hallway between our bedroom and our bathroom is where our closets are located. We chose a light gray for the bathroom, and also painted the doors in this room black. I really wanted to break up all the white cabinetry and mirrors on the wall, and think this certainly helped.

An ottoman on loan from my mom is the perfect piece for here - a place to toss clothes or sit and put on our shoes. And I think the colorful little zig-zag rug adds some zip!

While we would eventually like to make some modern improvements, we're so happy with the room we now have to get ready in the mornings.

Along with a larger bathroom, we both got larger closets in this house too. Our closets in the other house were super tight...ranch style homes don't usually have a ton of storage space. But, this house has room for our things. 

I'm not gonna lie....its still a little tight in mine...does any gal EVER have "enough" room? 

These are mostly my summer dresses and tops so I will swap a few of those things over soon enough - our cedar closet in my office is home to my winter things right now. I keep my shoes organized on the shoe rack, and have baskets for my flats and belts.

We were stoked to have all of these convenient drawers too...room for my socks, t-shirts, work out clothes, jeans, and bathing suits.

A "Pin" inspired me to use these simple "S" hooks from the hardware store as an easier way to hang my costume pieces. I love having them more accessible!

David and I are both really organized, and having the space in these closets makes it easy. His definitely stays neater than mine though. :) 

Hope you all have a safe and happy labor day weekend!!! 


My space to work

 The space that is now my office had been an addition by the previous homeowners sometime in the late 90's. They used it as a home office/library/guest space. My hubs and I both agreed that it would be the perfect space for me to work, keep my client's things, and use as an extra space for guests too. During our move, this room became a bit of a storage room which kinda stressed me out. Now, it's {mostly} all settled, save for a few electronics and cords that we're just not sure what the heck to do with. 

Here's the room before: 
The room has one huge wall of built-in shelving and this fun electric fireplace. 

I also love the access to the deck outside. 

Having an extra bath is definitely a plus, but that border had to go.

And so did the lovely teal mini blinds that matched the border. 

Instead of a traditional bed, the previous homeowners had a Murphy bed installed in this room. I felt that it was a bit of an eyesore, so we sold it on Craig's List. 

Kinda cool, but a little bit 80's.

This was a surprise when it was removed. We had our painters patch the wall, and fortunately we had extra carpet to patch that hole too.

This computer cabinet came from my grandparent's home. The dark stain didn't really fit in with my plan for this room, so it got a paint job too. 

Along with the computer cabinet, I got this fun vintage sofa. It has been in my grandmother's living room for as long as I can remember. I loved the lines, but wasn't crazy about the fabric. To the upholsterer's it went! 
 Now on to my inspiration...
How divine is this sofa and that nailhead trim on the back?
Don't mind if I do...

Love this little nook. The mirror is great and makes the space seem bigger!

Love love love this gallery wall over the pink sofa.

This little vignette just makes me so happy! I love every detail. 
 And now for the AFTER:

The sofa from my grandmother is right at home in this room. I am obsessed with the bright raspberry pink...and with those chrome nailheads!!!!!! love!!! 

I think the sofa is too fun paired with this little gold trunk that Santa brought me last year.

The mantel was painted, as was the rest of the room. I painted all the walls, cabinetry, trim, and mantel the same shade of gray. Thunder, by Benjamin Moore. 

I even think the sofa is more fun from the back! 

I set my desk at the back of the room. The white parson's desk has been great. Now, the computer cabinet is white too ...so I can turn my chair to use both the desk and the cabinet. 

No room of mine is complete without a little plate arrangement. :)
The platter belonged to my husband's grandmother. The smallest dish was my Baboo's, and the turquoise plates came from Mama Doris. The chinoiserie plates were a find at an antique shop, and the white dishes from TJ Maxx. 

Paint made all the difference for the computer cabinet!
 And the bathroom...
This bathroom was painted the same color as the office. I did a little picture arrangement on the main wall above the towel bars. Those towel bars will have to be replaced at some point - they are a tish dated in their look. :)

I had an old matelasse made into a shower curtain for this bathroom. 

And a little valance too.
The guest towel ring and paper holder are of the same suite as the towel bars.... aren't they funny? 


Our Dining Room

I was so excited about having a dining room in our new house! At our first home, we had a breakfast area and another casual eating area in our living room. But now, we've got a bona fide dining room! 

One of my first things for this room was this chandelier. It's been hanging in my grandparent's house, and no one else needed it. David and I drove to the farm to take it down one afternoon, and replaced it with another inexpensive one. While we were there, we did a little plundering too! :) 
This little bamboo settee (and matching chair) was in a storage room - it was in need of maja repair, but I'm a sucker for bamboo so we loaded it up too.

The previous homeowners took their dining room chandelier with them, so of course we were going to have to replace it at some point. And it's extra special to have my Mama Doris' chandy anyway!

Waaay BEFORE, before we bought the house


I saw this in Veranda (or was it Traditional Home) a few months ago, and got really excited about having my little bamboo pieces fixed. Eventually, I'd like to have cushions made for them too. 

This is the space right after we bought the house. This wall elicited a lot of discussion between my husband and me. I was dead set on having it removed (I mean what purpose was it serving?), but we had those air vents to worry about. We considered filling it in (like we did the other odd half wall in the living room), but that would interrupt the flow of the house and detract from our pretty lake views. 

So, down came the wall. My brother Brince and David had a little dude-demo time with this, and after they were done with the sledgehammer and crowbar, this is what it looked like. 

It already made a huge difference just having it removed. The professionals were called in to work on the HVAC duct work and such, and now we just have one large vent in the floor. Problem solved. :)

And here is our open dining space with a great flow from the kitchen and living area.
(This was before the chandy went up.) 

I was excited to have the chandelier up, but it definitely needs a longer chain since this house has higher ceilings than my grandparent's home. That will require a bit of a re-wiring job.
Add it to the list.

Short chandelier and all, I am still pumped to have a dining room.
These chairs came out of my other grandmother's condo - they were light wood and had been sitting in storage for about 10 years. Having them painted black made them like new again! And chic too!
The rug is a simple salmon hued dhurrie.
The table belonged to my husband's great-grandmother. It had been in storage for some time too, and we are thrilled to have it with us now.
The large botanicals were a gift from my grandmother for my college condo - I love them hanging here.

Eventually, we'd like to have upholstered chairs at the head of the table. I have my eye on these, but in a white duck fabric.
Wing-Back Parsons Chair with Skirt
But, for now, we're getting the look while I am babysitting these chairs until I can deliver them to a client in South Georgia. ;)
My upholsterer did these for me, and added the nailhead trim too. They turned out so well, and definitely solidified that I'd like some of my own too! 

And doesn't a table always look prettier when set?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!