And she's landed!

Wow! This girl has been busy! I've been in 6 states over the past week - Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Now, I have landed for 24 hours and am sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by papers, lists, notes, and piles. 
Despite the traveling lately, I'm having the best time and promise to be back to blogging soon. 

Here's a bit of what I've been up to:
From: Gainesville, GA To: Panama City Beach, FL
From Thursday to Monday, my husband and I were at the beach for the Memorial Day weekend with my family. 

From: Gainesville, GA To: Richmond, VA
After arriving back in Gainesville on Monday, I got geared up for a road trip with my BFF James. He called a few weeks ago about an amazing project for us in Richmond, VA; so, bright and early on Tuesday morning, James and I, along with another design assistant Becky, hit 85N!

                        Along with our fun gab-fest, we made a few tasty pit stops too. One of our favorites - Zoe's- for lunch.
The road trip also included a plate full at Mac's in Charlotte....

... awesome mac n' cheese and pulled pork for dinner. 

But only after finding plenty of treasures to take home from The Sleepy Poet. 

And truly, we could have left with enough pretties to fill a house at Alexander Scott. 

Later, on Tuesday night, the three of us checked into the historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA for some shut eye before our meeting with the new client on Thursday morning. 
Here are a few snaps of the Jefferson...if you're ever in Richmond, you must stop by!

Two happy girls woke up to a delish breakfast before the day began!

Here's the view of Richmond from our room. 
The meeting was exceptional, and along the way we completed our design/food tour with a belly full at Sake Express. Yes, it was a splurge but my rice and shrimp were worth it! 

This weekend I am heading home to help with a wedding...it's going to be fun, casual, and creative - like the darling bride herself. Check out my Pin board here. I promise to post pics when I get back!


A few things to share

This is a random post, but I did want to share a fun little product developed from my drawing of the Sigma Kappa house at UGA and the lovelies that are in my house right now.
First up, this fun stamp!
An approaching UGA graduate's mom contacted me in regards to a sorority house drawing of mine. She was personalizing her daughter's graduation announcements and wished to use my image on the stamp. Of course I allowed it, and was so excited to see the stamp!
I was so tickled to see the finished product. And that they were sweet enough to make sure I saw it! 
And a generous Starbucks card to say "thank you" to me.....score! 
Secondly, I came home from a wedding weekend to a house full of beautiful plants! After emptying our room at the Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Showhouse, I have the treat of enjoying the plants that had been gracing the room! I wanted to share their gorgeousness one more time....

 After the winter months when nothing's blooming in our yard, the azaleas came out to play just in time for Easter. Now, our gorgeous hydrangea bushes are laden for Memorial Day!
These guys came from my yard - my hydrangea bushes are brimming with blooms! They make me so happy! 

I have the rich periwinkle blue hued hydrangeas, and these wispy white ones too....love! 

And somehow I've been able to keep this little guy around for a few months. The orchid he was paired with didn't make it through the winter months, but he's sticking around. I wish I could tell you I've been singing to it and polishing its fronds, but I haven't. 
 However, if you just don't have a green thumb, a great moss ball will do the trick too! I love the organic feel they give to a room, and the shot of green as well. The best part is, you never even have to water them!


Another bath reveal and hallway lights

So, you've seen the awesome bathroom reveal from Monday? Well, we let our renovating minds creep into the hallway and subsequently into the other guest bath as well. Here are a few snaps of the new lighting in the hallway and the new mirror in the bath!
BEFORE Corridor: a less than fun hallway. 
BEFORE Bathroom: O-kay mirror...ready for something fabulous though! 

AFTER: Amazing new pendant lights for the back hallway! These fit the house so much better...see that awesome zebra rug peeking from the foyer? If it goes missing, please don't search my house! ;) 

AFTER bathroom: Gorgeous, whimsical mirror!  

We've got new lights on the way, but the mirror looks great on its own! 

I LOVE the gorgeous brown grass-cloth wallpaper against the brushed black finish of the mirror! 

The bath is still under progress, but the mirror makes a welcome addition. 

One more view of the lights from the other direction.

There's my hunky hubs electrician again. Lucky me, he's always so happy to help! 


Guest Bath Reveal

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being asked to help a dear family friend with a bathroom quandary. Her hall bath desperately needed a makeover, but without gutting the space, what to do?
Our process began with an initial consultation after which I spent a week brainstorming and developing three proposals for the space. They were loosely centered on colors for the woodwork - one in creams, one in green, and one in taupe. After revealing the three proposals, the homeowner chose the taupe option...my favorite too!
I had a few stipulations with what was staying in place, and what we could certainly make better.
Now, I am proud to show you what I was able to accomplish in this fun little space!
This fabulous throw rug from the 1920's was our main inspiration for the room, and set the tone for both the color and worldly feel. It is just the right mix of history, playfulness and Chinoiserie for the hall bathroom.
All of the permanent fixtures were staying put - cabinetry, tile, wallpaper, etc. The cabinets were Design Dilemma #1. However, I knew that I could bring them up to date with new paint and hardware. 

Design Dilemma #2 was the issue of the black border. It just wasn't great anymore. So, creative woodwork to the rescue...

Design Dilemma #3: The small shelf just wasn't cutting it in terms of storage. I had a great piece in mind for this space from the get-go.

Design Solution: Cover the existing border with a fabulous piece of crown molding. The homeowner and I both really loved the wallpaper - it's a subtle creamy taupe paisley pattern with a white background. I chose a similar creamy taupe paint for the woodwork in the bath.

Design Dilemma #4: New lights. In addition to replacing these two wall sconce, we needed a new overhead light too. 

I didn't stop with the new molding. I had an idea to add this fun coral fabric trim along the perimeter of the molding as well. It truly makes a gorgeous, unexpected statement. 

Here's my hunky hubs electrician installing the new lights.

In addition to the mirror in the room, the lights, molding, and hardware, I knew these Chinoiserie prints would make a lovely statement in the bath as well. Their soft colors and worldly influence reflect the homeowners' love for travel. 

Design Solution: a modern, streamlined semi-flush-mount for the entry door. 
And voila! A semi-new bathroom for the homeowners and their guests! Check out the new oil-rubbed-bronze sconce above that awesome new mirror. 

The prints look fantastic with the shot of coral along the crown molding. 

I pulled the coral from the rug with the trim around the molding and pulled the green in with the new prints.  Shades of caramel and yellows are reflected in the bamboo wall shelf and its accessories.
I really fell for this mirror the first time I saw it. I knew we were working with the tile restrictions (I needed a mirror that was no wider than 40") and guess what? This mirror is 40" wide exactly. Lucky me! The lime wash is an unexpected finish in the bathroom, but ties in with the yellows and caramels pulled from the rug. 

Design Solution: I replaced the small wicker shelf with this great bamboo one - now styled with lovely bath accessories, white towels, and photos of the homeowners' precious grandchildren.

I swapped out all of the outlet covers and ordered new lights and hardware in the oil-rubbed bronze finish from Restoration Hardware. The handsome look really translates into the style of the rest of the house. 

Peek-a-boo! While we were at it, I replaced the hall lights with those fantastic bird cage drum shade pendants too! But more on that later...

Design Solution: Paint all of the woodwork in the room the same color - Springfield Tan by Benjamin Moore. We used oil-based paint for its durability and ease to clean. Paired with the new hardware, it's a great look. 

Hope you enjoyed this small-space reno...it was a pleasure to work on!